I started editing things for friends and family in my mid-teens, including two novels of my father’s (Harald and Salamander; the former is commercially published, the latter self-published) and one commercially published non-fiction book (Future Imperfect), as well as numerous short stories and some essays by various friends, none as of yet published. I have been working as a professional editor since 2015, with a focus on science fiction and fantasy novels, though I have also edited mysteries and miscellaneous shorter works. I am a graduate of the University of Chicago, with a BA in Romance Languages and Literatures; what that means in practice is that I can read medieval and renaissance Italian comfortably and have a rough familiarity with Italian Literature, especially medieval. I also have significant familiarity with modern American and British fantasy and science fiction, as well as some mysteries (one of my primary reasons to be an editor is to turn something I’ve always loved doing into a profession), so I am familiar with many of the conventions and ideas implicit in those genres. Ultimately, however, my work should speak for itself – hence the five free pages.