Useful Links

A few links that I felt would be of potential interest to anyone interested in writing fiction and/or self-publishing.

Patricia Wrede’s Blog

I cannot recommend this enough. Useful information for any would-be author, and I suspect quite a lot of practiced authors as well. Also editors, beta-readers, and practically anyone interested in the art and science of writing.


For anyone who is not familiar with it, this can be a good place to find cover artists; while the quality varies, quite a number of remarkably good artists can be found there, and many of them may be willing to do commissions or license their work. Warning: the adult content filter does not always work.

The Submission Grinder

For anyone interested in publishing short stories, this site will let you search for places accepting the kind of story you’ve written (or are interested in writing), and give you useful information about them such as how much they pay and how long, on average, they take to get back to you. I recommend the Advanced Search.